Capture and engage customers for your business through SMS & MMS messaging

Reliable & efficient business solution with features to support every step of your customer engagement journey



Save time, increase productivity, and benefit from utilizing our message scheduling tools.


Establish and develop a stronger rapport with your customers by personalizing every message sent.

Productivity / Management

Be more effective and efficient in your communications by being able to easily manage and operate messaging.

TCPA Compliance

Guarantee that your business is meeting TCPA regulations and reduce legal liabilities.

Optimize your workflow

Customized Scheduled Messages made convenient and easy

Your business will benefit and increase productivity by having the ability to set up and schedule messages to automatically be delivered at specific times.

Campaigns - Individualized Group Messaging

Get important information out to a specific group of people using the campaigns page. Utilize the master templates, or previous templates for quick message generation.Choose your group type/value to easily find, select, and send. Bonus! The recipient list number is UNLIMITED, so the ability to send to more people at one time creates better efficiency. Send now or schedule it for later.

Group 51

Save time by creating frequently used messages as master templates to pull for campaigns or appointment reminders and follow-ups.

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Other Automation Tools

Appointment Reminders

Want to make sure your customers attend their appointment? Set up an appointment reminder(s) ahead of time to reduce last minute cancellations and improve attendance.

CRM Integrations

Using ClubReady as your operating system? Aurora is integrated with this platform meaning it will automatically import and update information for all of your clients / prospects, pull over custom client / prospect types / values, and scheduled classes

Automated Messages

Set up reminders and follow-ups to automatically go out at customized times/days now so no one forgets later! Improve attendance and reduce last minute cancellations

Scheduled Messages

Create a message now, schedule it for later. Effectively set up your messages to go out at a specific date/time to communicate to clients/prospects when requested, or set up campaigns for future promos.

Connect with your customers

Personalize your multimedia messaging

Add a personal touch to every message you send and help your busines establish and build better rapport with your customers.

Custom Fields

Quickly make each individual and/or group message more personal by using built in shortcuts and tags.

MMS Capabilities

With our multimedia services, send an emoji or attach a picture, GIF, screenshot, video, or documents to a message.

Contacts (business, prospects, clients, & more)

Upload your contacts to store full profile information, message individually or by group, and start creating dialogue between your customers and business


Manage your B2C communication

Productivity and organization for business

With productivity and management tools built into Aurora, you will be able to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your customers every day.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Ability to quickly message through Aurora while still in your CRM giving you the capability to engage with your prospect or client in the most efficient way possible!

Class Calendar
Multiple Locations
Shared Inbox
Call Forwarding
Role Based Access
Campaign Metrics

Worry-free Compliance

Text Compliantly

Give your customers the ability to easily "opt-out" from messaging and stay up-to-date with any national or local regulations.

TCPA Opt-out (Unsubscribe)

If "STOP", "END", "CANCEL", "UNSUBSCRIBE", "QUIT" is texted in, that individual's message delivery settings will automatically be turned off and the request is granted. Shortcut not used? That's okay! We have the ability to manually turn off one or more types of messages for every individual.

Limitations & Quiet Hours

Aurora monitors and releases frequent updates for any changes to “Quiet Hours” under state driven regulations so our customers and their businesses are always in compliance. Limitations for promotional, transactional, and conversational messages are applied to each account as required to avoid any penalties.

Experience industry leading support

Comprehensive support for you and your business

Skip the support centers, tickets, and wait time by having direct contacts assist you with any questions you might have about Aurora.

Onboarding & Training

We offer demos, one-on-one training, training guides, and additional set up/user support for your teams.

Knowledgebase Articles

Stay up to date with industry standards by being provided access to information on best practices, general knowledge, and more.


Your contacts for Aurora MMS are real people assisting you in real time, meaning, you are able to get in touch with them directly by email, phone, or scheduled meetings.

Training Videos

We provide you with training videos for you and your teams to refer back to at any time.